Solar Powered Car – The New Auto Revolution in Nigeria!

Solar Powered Car – The New Auto Revolution in Nigeria!
Solar Powered Car – The New Auto Revolution in Nigeria!

The earth needs our help. Nigeria’s ecosystem is also leaning its voice among the global campaigner of going green!

Aside the environmental benefits, the economic benefits Solar Powered roofs, and devices has whet the appetite of Nigerian amongst its global counterparts to crave a solar powered automotive.

Using photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity, solar cars built for competition have already captured the imaginations of scientists and engineers and it’s ready to make a grand entry into the Nigerian market.

As Nigeria begin to seek alternatives to sources of energy and diversify its economy away from heavy reliant on oil, solar powered cars is a look in the right direction to boost the automotive industry, create more jobs to its teeming population while saving the ecosystem.

Here are some of the benefits of Solar Powered Cars

No Emissions

Because solar-powered cars have electric motors, they burn no fuel and produce no emissions. This key aspect of solar-powered cars is of interest to motorists who wish to utilize personal transportation without contributing to air pollution and greenhouse gases in the environment.

Oh how good and beautiful it will be to keep emissions completely off Nigerian roads!

Preservation of Natural Resources

Although the panels and other components of a solar-powered car initially consume energy and resources to manufacture, the solar car would require no additional energy input. Because solar-powered cars consume no fuel and do not require oil changes, their dependence on petroleum-based products is limited to the lubrication of wheels or plastics used in replacement parts. The electric motor and other components of solar cars are potentially maintenance-free, in contrast to the engines in current gas-powered vehicles.

No Fuel Costs

There are considerable economic incentives to develop, produce and operate solar cars. Because of their lack of dependence on external fuel sources, they are free from the fuel costs normally associated with gas, diesel, and even hybrid automobiles. Sunlight, which solar panels convert into electricity, is available and free to everyone during the day. Away with incessant fuel scarcity and hike!

Driving Comfort

Electric motors designed to power solar-cars are generally smaller than the equivalent gas engine, and operate without the noise and vibrations generally associated with conventional cars, according to research. Solar-powered cars can also be designed to be much lighter, allowing for faster turning and stopping.

Who says you can’t have it all with solar power?